Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Traditions Shared

Thank you all for writing in with your comments about Black Friday. I noticed that responses ran the gamut from enthusiastic shoppers to those who prefer to stay under the covers Black Friday morn.

The following are a sampling of responses:

"I do nothing. It's my favorite things to do."

"I will fight for my freedom, the right man, the underprivileged, but will not risk life and limb to fight for a piece of plastic and metal."

"I have participated in all aspects of Black Friday at some point...except the tradition which strangely allows one to chop a tree from the forest in order to decorate for the holidays."

"...chocolate calculators--the only kind I would want to buy!"

"Two words: online shopping"

...and yes, C, you can hop on a plane and come and visit! I made my annual trek to the bookstore this year. I managed to get out with only 3 books and basket full of sweets, but sadly, no chocolate Texas Instrument calculators.

But whether you dodged Black Friday or not, odds are you still have some Christmas shopping to do. So I'm going to re-double my efforts to bring you the coolest, most unique spots to buy a one-of-a-kind gift. Stay tuned. Next week, I'll feature a used bookstore in Sugarhouse and the unique antiques/junkyard in American Fork.

I know there are a lot of festivities going on throughout northern Utah. Do you know of a great concert/festival/event/party, etc. that you'd like to promote? Let me know and I'll try to at least make mention of them on the blog.

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