Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Tea Grotto

Tea Grotto
2030 S. 900 E. #6
Salt Lake City, UT

Is the Christmas season stress getting to you? Has the inversion caused your sinuses to swell or your inner chakras to misalign? Seek soothing relief in Sugar House at the Tea Grotto on 9th East.

Each tea house you visit is a different experience. The Tea Grotto specializes in Eastern atmosphere, complete with at least three Buddha’s—one of which presides over their vast menu board. This is an herbalist’s paradise.

I chose the chamomile myself; I needed the soothing. Everyone I spoke with at the Tea Grotto was friendly and happy—customers and staff alike. It must be that Zen thing they’ve got going on.

While you’re seeking refuge from the shopping storm outside, you can do a little Christmas shopping of your own inside the Tea Grotto. Upstairs there’s a small Indian boutique with beautiful scarves, intricately woven sari’s, brightly colored Indian jewelry and amazing shoulder bags—all genuine imports.

On the walls of the Tea Grotto, you’ll se gorgeous photography by Jeremy Arndt. Pick up one of his cards and a complimentary 4x6 photo. His images of West Africa are stunning, and 10% of the sales go to charitable causes there.

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