Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Strawberry Days!

In 1792, a young pioneer, missionary and husbandman named Darryl Strawberry trekked across the U.S. frontier, planting strawberries and sharing the word of God.

Okay, not really. That was Johnny Appleseed. But the strawberry is the fruit of choice in Pleasant Grove, and we're celebrating it in a big way this week!

I've lived in Pleasant Grove for seven years. I love this little community. From the annual Firemen's Breakfast to the concerts in the park, P.G. loves to get together and celebrate. The City of Fun carnival is in town this week, located at the city park right on Pleasant Grove's historic main street. In addition to the carnival there is a pie eating contest, art show, parade, charity chili challenge,and of course, the nationally famous Strawberry Days Rodeo.

A friend recently clued me into a Strawberry Days tradition I hadn't yet participated in, Huck Finn Day. They flood Battlecreek Park, stock it with fish, and allow everyone in the community to bring fishing poles. There are also pony rides and pioneer games. You can view a list of Strawberry Days activities and their details here.

For the past couple of years, I've had a booth at the Strawberry Days Boutique in the Old Community Center. I make bits and bobs with paper, each year experimenting with something different. The booth is actually an indulgence in my hobby rather than a money-maker. You've got to have a lot more artistic talent than I've got to make a profit. But every year, somebody buys a thing or two and I feel validated in my crafting craze. Some people have enquired about my website...I don't have one. I'm not that organized, but this year I set up a blog where people could go to see the kinds of things I'm making. If you're interested, you can take a gander at "Your Picture Here." It's not a blog that I update on a regular basis. I've simply created an entry for each type of craft I'm working on.

This weekend, consider coming to Pleasant Grove and getting a cup of strawberries and cream for $1. Take a whirl on the ferris wheel. And be sure to try the fresh cut fries!


  1. I"ve never been to Strawberry Days. And I like your crafting! That's a cool Kleenex dispenser -- did you strip the spines off of books?

  2. Marie, I did strip the spines. It took forever! so I just made one. I didn't want to destroy any useful books, so I bought a lot of library rejects that were already falling apart as well as outdated science books at D.I. and one or two romance novels I figured the world could do without.