Friday, March 11, 2011

Favorite Things

Simply Splendid
Bistro & Boutique
67 S. Main Street
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

I remember a lunch period in 7th grade, I was walking around outside on a gray, misty day eating a pastrami sandwich and thinking, “pastrami is delicious, Marvin is cute, and all’s right with the world.” A slight variation on Robert Browning. (Look it up.)It didn’t matter that my pastrami sandwich was of the homemade variety rather than a NY deli special. It didn’t matter that Marvin didn’t return my pink-candy-heart sentiments. I was happy with the little things; they made it bearable to go to math class after lunch.

Now I’m bit a older and I prefer my pastrami sandwiches on toasted rye with sauerkraut. I still like men who make me laugh. And it’s still the little things, my favorite things, that can save a gray, drizzly day. Lest I sound too Pollyanna-ish, I’ll bet that if you think about it, you’ll agree. What are some of your favorite things?

I took an informal poll:
Ding Dongs
Mike Rowe
nesting dolls
ice cream
canvas shoes
Laffy Taffy wrapper jokes
Mt. Dew in vintage cans
books on tape
grandma’s button box
the feeling after a long hard run
an stolen hour with a good book
hearing my favorite song on the radio
diet Coke

A new boutique store in Pleasant Grove combines two of my favorite things: unique gifts and historic down town main streets. Oh, and oreo truffles... three things. And cupcakes. And chicken salad...on croissants. Okay, five of my favorite things.

Simply Splendid is a gift boutique and bistro serving delicious homemade sandwiches, soups like tomato basil and creamy broccoli and cheese as well as cupcakes THE SIZE OF YOUR HEAD. Pleasant Grove's main street has long needed an eatery, and now they've got one.

The gifts available at Simply Splendid range from purses, scarves and jewelry to pieces of art and home decor. I love to find gifts for people that reflect their personality. A meaningful gift says "I know you, and I notice your personal preferences and quirks." Simply Splendid's wide range of jewelry charms is a great way to pick a personal gift. Their jewelry artisans will create pendants that pay tribute to favorite teams, individuals, and even missionaries.

The premises of Simply Splendid are an old historic home right on Pleasant Grove's main street. It's rooms are full of sunshine, hardwood floors, and old-fashioned fixtures.

Gorgeous place to browse, I recommend Simply Splendid for an outing with friends. Get a sandwich and a diet Coke or treat yourself to one of their gourmet cupcakes. And don't forget to place an order for cookies to be delivered to your missionary. Simply Splendid knows their clientele...and they know they're hungry.

What are some of your favorite things?


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  2. I think a cupcake the size of my head might qualify as one of my favorite things, but isn't that just a cake?

    Other than than, my favorite thing is doing something I enjoy but rarely get to do. Today, it was play catch. Other days, it's to see my awesome sister-in-law Elisa!

  3. DCB, clearly you are a man of great taste. "Cupcake" does sound diminutive doesn't it? It really should be "chalice cake."

  4. Mountain High Original full-fat plain yoghurt. (The pretentious "H" is what makes it taste so good.)

    Williams Sonoma Winter Forest lotion.

    And I'm sure I'd love a good chocolate chalice cake as well. I'll have to investigate next time I'm down south.