Friday, March 18, 2011

More Favorites Including Mindy’s Newest Music Video

Thanks for sharing your favorite things with me. I want to make sure everyone knows about them.

“Vitamin D, a functional sewer line, and Jimmer Fredette.”

“Sunshine in a time of coldness.”

“Grapefruit-flavored Perrier water, Texas-shaped tortilla chips, tostada compuestas, and peach-flavored gummy penguins. None of which can be found in the state of Utah, if they could they would most likely no longer be my favorite.”

“Mountain High Original full-fat plain yoghurt. (The pretentious "H" is what makes it taste so good.) Williams Sonoma Winter Forest lotion.”

“My favorite thing is doing something I enjoy but rarely get to do. Today, it was play catch. Other days, it's to see my awesome sister-in-law.”

Now, one of my quests is to find grapefruit-flavored Perrier. Jimmer is making all of Provo’s dreams come true, and our freak bouts of March sunshine are providing a little vitamin D. One of DCB’s sister-in-law’s favorite things to do is eat Indian food with DCB and spouse. I’m still trying to wrap my head around plain yoghurt (even with an “h”). Sometimes milk cultures freak me out. But I understand that gourmands highly recommend Mountain High Original.

One of my favorite singers has posted a new video! Check out Mindy Gledhill’s music video here. Readers of this blog will probably recognize the Ice Castles at Midway in a few of the shots, and Utah Valley Magazine readers will recognize Stephanie Nielson.

You can see Mindy's photo diary of the video shoot here.


  1. I was going to say that if I ever become a rapper, my stage name should be Pretentious H. But then I decided that makes a better name for a jazz singer. Pretentious H = my new nightclub torch persona.